We’ll be honest. As dentists, October is not our favorite month. Most people aren’t exactly focused on dental health, with all of the candy that gets consumed. We’re not monsters, so we don’t insist that you completely skip the treats. But we do have some good tricks for having a healthy Halloween smile. 

Check out our tips below. You may also want to consider making appointments for your family’s dental exams before your calendar starts to fill up with preparations for Thanksgiving and the Christmas season. Call us today at 586-977-9050

  • Skip sticky and sour treats – Some candies are harder on teeth than others. Among the worst are sticky and sour treats. They cling to your kids’ teeth, where the sugar in them combines with bacteria and attacks their tooth enamel. Chocolate candy is much better for their dental health because it quickly melts away. Be careful of hard candies like jawbreakers too, which can crack and break teeth if your child bites down too hard on them. 
  • Set limits on candy consumption – It’s best to limit candy consumption to no more than a few pieces a day. Keep your kids’ candy stashes out of reach instead of allowing them to access it whenever they want. We like using candy as a dessert after a meal. 
  • Maintain good oral hygiene habits – It’s important to maintain daily brushing and flossing. If your child eats a lot of sweet treats at a party and can’t brush right away, have them rinse their mouths out with water. 
  • Make wise choices when buying treats – The best way to avoid sneaking into your own candy bowl is to buy candies you aren’t crazy about. Even better, consider handing out healthier alternatives like chocolate-covered nuts or sugarless gum (look for gum that contains xylitol, a natural cavity fighter). 
  • Donate surplus candy – Most of us end up with far more candy than we need, and it poses a temptation if it’s sitting around the house. Why not donate it to troops? Check out organizations like Operation Gratitude and Soldiers’ Angels.

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