Rejuvenate Your Smile With Dental Crowns & Bridges in Sterling Heights

You can repair and replace your teeth with our dental crowns and bridges. In Sterling Heights, our services:

  • Revive your smile
  • Renew your ability to bite and chew
  • Allow you to speak normally
  • Can keep your mouth healthy for decades

Repair and replace teeth at Laser Dental Associates. Dr. Laura Pepa and Dr. Frank Rosner are ready to give you what you need to renew confidence in your smile. Call 586-257-2081 to get started.

Rebuild Your Tooth in One Day With CEREC Crowns

For centuries, humans have found ways to repair and replace damaged teeth. With advances in restorative dentistry, crowns are better than previous teeth replacement options. Today’s crowns look natural and have the durability to last for decades. Crowns are used to fix many problems including decayed, cracked, and broken teeth. They also provide cosmetic benefits for people who have discolored, misshapen, and undersized teeth.

We’ve invested in CEREC same-day crowns to make your experience even better. CEREC crowns spare you from the hassle of making traditional impressions. Instead of putting a goo-filled tray in your mouth, we take digital scans. Then we’ll:

  • Use CAD/CAM technology to design your dental crown
  • Turn a porcelain cube into a crown with our in-office milling machine
  • Shade your crown to match the rest of your smile
  • Secure the crown in your mouth

In a couple of hours, you’ll leave our office with your final crown. This is a big improvement over the traditional process, which involves wearing a temporary crown while waiting weeks for a dental lab to prepare and ship your permanent crown.

To make your crown, we need to reshape your damaged tooth. If you have any dental anxiety about this process, don’t worry. We will numb your tooth before we begin so you don’t feel any discomfort. We also offer dental sedation (laughing gas) for an added level of pain prevention.

Fill the Space in Your Smile

Missing teeth are a widespread problem as well. According to expert estimates, more than 120 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. Leaving that gap in your smile is not good for your self-confidence or your oral health. Additional tooth loss and changes to your bite are just a few of the issues that can develop over time.

Dental bridges have a long history of helping people fill that empty space between their remaining teeth. We also can use CEREC technology to make bridges that are durable and look natural. With a bridge, you provide support for your remaining teeth, and you regain a complete smile, which has practical and aesthetic benefits.

You can make your replacement teeth even stronger with dental implants. These are replacements for the roots of your lost teeth. For implants:

  • We work with an oral surgeon, who places your implants in your jaw.
  • When you have healed from the procedure (which takes a few months), we’ll attach a crown, bridge, or dentures, depending on how many teeth you need to replace.
  • With an implant-supported crown or bridge, your restorations are more secure and restore more of your biting and chewing power.

Get a complete smile and a strong bite by visiting Laser Dental Associates for dental crowns and bridges in Sterling Heights. To schedule a consultation with one of our doctors, call 586-257-2081 today!

Common Questions About Dental Crowns & Bridges

How much do dental crowns and bridges cost?

The cost for dental crowns and bridges can vary widely. Several factors will come into play to determine the final cost. Some things to consider include how many teeth need repair or replacement, their location, and the type of material used to make the crown or bridge. After your initial appointment, we can create a treatment plan and give you an accurate cost.

Does dental insurance cover crowns and bridges?

Many types of dental insurance policies will pay for a portion of your new crown or bridge. We recommend checking with your insurance provider to find out your out-of-pocket expense for your dental restoration. We’ll work with you to maximize your insurance benefits. If needed, we also offer third-party financing through CareCredit, which has zero- and low-interest payment plans available.

How long do dental crowns and bridges last?

The kind of material used, your oral hygiene habits, and the types of foods you eat will ultimately determine how long your crown or bridge will last. Zirconia crowns and bridges are usually more durable than those made from porcelain; however, porcelain is more lifelike. Generally speaking, your new restoration will usually give you at least five to seven years of life before needing replacement.