Revive Your Smile Using Dental Veneers in Sterling Heights

Don’t be upset if your smile isn’t perfect. The friendly, expert dental team at Laser Dental Associates can help. We have decades of experience in making smiles beautiful. One way we do that is through dental veneers in Sterling Heights. This type of cosmetic dentistry can help you:

  • Smile more confidently wherever you go
  • Feel better about your overall appearance
  • Make better first impressions on others
  • Gain a competitive edge in your professional life

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Veneers Can Give You the Beautiful Smile You Want

If you want to put a little pizzazz into your smile, it’s hard to go wrong with teeth veneers. Your dentist here at Laser Dental Associates can use these thin pieces of material to conceal many types of teeth flaws. In just one or two visits, you can get rid of cracks, small gaps, worn teeth, and more. We will bond veneers to the front of your teeth to instantly give you a more glamorous smile. You’ll leave our office full of confidence in your smile like you’ve never experienced before.

You’ll have several choices for your custom veneers, as these restorations are available in a variety of:

  • Shapes
  • Shades
  • Translucencies
  • Thicknesses

Standard veneers usually require that we remove a small amount of tooth enamel first, while prepless veneers are ultra-thin and can be placed without any tooth modification. Although teeth veneers are usually made from high-quality porcelain, we can also have them crafted from zirconia for added strength. We’ll go over all your veneers options and help you decide what’s right for you.

Get your new smile using dental veneers in Sterling Heights. Call Laser Dental Associates today at 586-977-9050 to schedule an appointment.

Common Questions About Dental Veneers

How do dental veneers work?

These thin, wafer-like shells are bonded to the front side of flawed teeth to instantly give you a near-perfect smile. Veneers are available in a wide variety of shades and translucencies, and we can help you pick out the ones that will suit your needs best. In most situations, you can get your new veneers in just one or two visits to our office.

How much do dental veneers cost?

Because there are many types of veneers on the market and each patient’s needs are different, it is difficult to provide a cost for veneers without an examination and treatment plan worked up. Once we have all the details on what is needed, we can let you know what your total investment for your new smile will be.

What are dental veneers made of?

Today, most veneers are made from high-quality porcelain. This type of ceramic has proven itself over the years, offering our patients a great combination of natural-looking beauty and strength. We can also have your new veneers made from zirconia if additional durability is needed. Our team will help you decide which type best suits your needs.

Are dental veneers painful?

The process for getting your new veneers should be pain-free. You may be a good candidate for prepless veneers in which no tooth modification is needed beforehand. If we do need to remove a small amount of tooth enamel to make room for your veneers, it should be a painless process with local anesthesia. Plus, we always have laughing gas available if you’re nervous about your procedure.