Get a Great Fit With Our Dentures in Sterling Heights

You don’t have to live without teeth. You can get dentures in Sterling Heights to:

  • Rebuild your natural smile
  • Speak naturally and normally
  • Look younger
  • Boost your confidence

Discuss our teeth replacement solutions with one of our doctors at Laser Dental Associates. Call 586-977-9050 to schedule your consultation.

Custom Dentures Can Solve Your Smile Problems

When many people hear “dentures,” they think of pink, plastic gums with fake teeth floating in water by a nightstand. Modern dentures are better than they have ever been, and we offer more than one option for you as a part of our restorative dentistry:

  • Partial Dentures – If you need to replace multiple teeth, a partial denture can fill the gap between your remaining teeth. These have clips to attach them to your healthy teeth.
  • Full Dentures – Full removable dentures can replace a complete arch of teeth. These will be custom-made for a better fit, and adhesives can add some security if needed.
  • Implant-Secured Dentures – As much as dentures have improved, dental implants make them stronger, more secure, and more stable than they have ever been. Our implant-supported and implant-retained dentures work practically as well as a full set of healthy teeth.
  • Temporary Dentures – While you are waiting for your final dentures, we can give you a temporary set to wear.

The best dentures solution for you will depend on your needs. How secure do you want your new dentures to be? Do you need upper or lower dentures, or both? Our doctors can answer your questions and give you the information you need to make the right choice for you.

Strengthen & Secure Your Replacement Teeth With Implants

Dental implants have been a game-changer in restorative care. Implants are artificial roots that create a direct connection from your new teeth to your jawbone. For patients who would benefit from this option, we work with an oral surgeon who places the implants in your jaw. When you have recovered from that procedure, we can attach your dentures. Working together, your implants and dentures:

  • Restore your ability to eat a wide variety of foods
  • Prevent bone loss in your jaw
  • Spare you the need for denture adhesives

Every set of replacement teeth from Laser Dental Associates is custom-made for an individual patient. So our Sterling Heights dentures will meet your specific needs. To discover how they can help you, call 586-977-9050 to schedule an appointment.

Common Questions About Dentures

What types of dentures are there?

We offer several kinds of dentures at Laser Dental Associates. If you’re missing all your teeth on either the upper or lower jaw, conventional full dentures will be a good choice. Partials can be used if you still have some healthy teeth remaining. We can also stabilize a set of dentures (upper, lower, or both) using dental implants, giving you comfortable replacement teeth that stay in place without any adhesive.

What are dentures made from?

Dentures come in a wide range of materials and prices. However, acrylic is commonly used for the base of the dentures. It may be laid over a metal structure of either cobalt chrome or stainless steel. Although the teeth for the dentures have traditionally been crafted from porcelain, acrylic is gaining popularity today because it is lighter and less expensive.

Where are dentures made?

After we take impressions of your mouth, we send the information to a professional lab. Our lab partner will custom craft your new dentures to our exact specifications and ship them back to us. You’ll return to our office, and your dentist will make sure that your new teeth are adjusted properly and fit comfortably.