Enjoy a Brilliant Smile With Teeth Whitening in Sterling Heights

Perhaps you’ve looked in the mirror recently and noticed that your smile isn’t quite as bright as it used to be. Many of our patients have been in the same situation. It doesn’t have to stay that way! At Laser Dental Associates, we offer Sterling Heights teeth whitening that can help you:

  • See a white, radiant smile quickly
  • Feel more confident in all your social interactions
  • Make better first impressions in your professional life
  • Look younger, more attractive, and more vibrant

What are you waiting for? Call Laser Dental Associates today at 586-257-2081 to get started on your teeth whitening treatment.

Take Your Choice of Teeth Whitening Options

Our teeth whitening treatment is part of our cosmetic dentistry group of services. There are many types of dental patients, so we offer more than one way to whiten your teeth. You’ll have a choice of either in-office whitening or at-home whitening:

  • In-Office Treatment – If you want the fastest and most dramatic results, this is the choice for you. Get your teeth up to eight shades whiter in just one 45-minute session with our fast chair-side system. Patients often choose this method if they have an important event coming up soon, like a wedding or reunion.
  • At-Home Treatment – For more flexibility in your whitening treatment, we can give you a set of professional whitening trays and a concentrated gel you can use at home. This type of treatment offers you more convenience, as you can whiten your teeth anywhere and anytime you like – on your schedule.

It doesn’t matter which type of teeth whitening you choose, you can rest assured that your treatment will be comfortable and you’ll achieve the results you’re looking for. Plus, our team will happily answer any questions you have about your care. That’s something you can’t get from a whitening kit you buy off the shelf at the drugstore.

When your smile needs to be livened up, turn to teeth whitening in Sterling Heights. Call Laser Dental Associates today at 586-257-2081 to make an appointment.

Common Questions About Teeth Whitening

How long does teeth whitening take?

At Laser Dental Associates, we offer both in-office whitening and at-home whitening. If you choose to whiten your teeth in the office, your treatment will take approximately one hour. For at-home whitening, you’ll use your whitening trays and gel at your convenience, and the process will take one to two weeks, depending on the whitening level you want to achieve.

Are teeth whitening gels safe?

Yes, the gels used for teeth whitening are completely safe. We use only the highest quality whitening systems here, ones that have been thoroughly tested and approved. With either in-office or at-home treatment, you can enjoy peace of mind that your oral health will not suffer when you whiten your teeth.

Is teeth whitening painful?

The teeth whitening process is not painful, and most patients report no problems with their treatment. Some patients do experience increased tooth sensitivity to hot and cold after their treatment, but this will only last a short time and should go away on its own. Plus, our experienced team is always available if you have any questions or concerns.