There’s no convenient time to experience dental pain. But one of the worst is the busy holiday season. A problem like decay or infection can make Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas parties miserable experiences instead of the happy times they should be. 

Fortunately at Laser Dental Associates we’re usually able to offer same-day treatment for problems like cavities. Call us ASAP at 586-257-2081 if you’re in pain and we’ll do our best to see you right away. 

If a crown is needed to repair your damage, you can get it in just one visit, thanks to our CEREC technology. CEREC enables us to make a restoration for you in our Sterling Heights, MI office in about an hour. Contrast that with most dental practices, where crowns are made in an offsite lab. That process can easily take a week or longer, and you’ll need to wear a temporary crown while you wait. 

In many cases, a painful tooth means you have a cavity. It can also mean your tooth has a crack or a break. Left untreated, all of these issues can lead to an infection. Once a tooth is infected, your only treatment options are a root canal or an extraction. 

That’s why it’s best not to wait if you notice any dental discomfort! We can fix dental damage with a filling or a crown to keep your problem from progressing to infection. If your tooth has become infected, we can usually perform a root canal to save the tooth. Worst case, we can remove a damaged tooth. Our dentists will assess you and determine which treatment you need to return your smile to health.

No matter which procedure is needed, you’ll be ready to enjoy holiday meals without discomfort in no time!

Three signs can offer clues to the extent of your dental damage:

  • Pain – If you have a cavity you may experience discomfort, especially when biting down or putting pressure on your tooth. The pain is usually more severe with an infected tooth. If your tooth is infected, your gums will often feel painful as well. 
  • Temperature Sensitivity – While your tooth may be sensitive to heat or cold with either a cavity or an infection, the sensitivity tends to last for a longer time with an infection.
  • Appearance – A dark spot or hole on your tooth can signal the presence of a cavity. With infection, the entire tooth may look discolored. Other signs of infection include gums that appear swollen or a bump on your gum near the sore tooth. 

Call us at 586-257-2081 at the first sign of dental discomfort, and chances are our dentists can solve your problem with a restoration like a filling or crown instead of a more complex procedure.